Online Auction Sites

Online auction sites offer a unique opportunity to find products and goods for a fraction of the cost of what you may pay for the same items at retail prices. The increase in these type of sites has been phenomenal in the last few years. The down turn in the economy may pay a roll in the increase of these sites but likely it is simply because the popularity has grown as the people that are interested in participating in these sites has grown. Probably the most popular site for finding deals online is

There are plenty of different sites to choose from and many specialty sites as well. The specialty or niche sites have become the largest growing sector. These specialty sites run the gamut of interests from Barbie Dolls to gun collectors there is something for everyone.


Determining a sites reliability can be a bit of a challenge with as many online auction sites as there are it can be hard to figure out which site is reliable and which site to avoid. There are some things that you can do to insure that the site that you choose is likely a reliable site.

If you are brand new the online auction venue than it is that much more important that you do your research. There are reviews that can help you gauge the reliability of a site. Ask friends and family members if they know anything about the site.

The well known sites like Ebay and Ioffer are good bets because they have been around for a long time and do verify their members. Before you use a new site do a little bit of research just to be on the safe side.

Things to Avoid

You should not pay to join an online auction site. There are plenty of free sites and paying to join a site does not mean that you will be able to win any more or less. Use a free site just so you can get your feet wet. There is no sense in paying for something that you can get for free.

Don’t jump right in, hang back a little and see how things play out. You will be better off for it. You will get a feel for how things work best and you will come to recognize the high rollers (those people that do not care how much they have to pay to win even it is way over the value of the item) so you know who to avoid.

Don’t get caught up in the win! Look for the value. Know what you are bidding on and know what it is worth retail and don’t go over the value. Winning is great but only if you get a deal! If you get caught up and start overbidding you will wind up over paying which defeats the purpose.

Internet Safety

Online auction sites are great fun and they can save you a lot of money, but always keep in mind that you are online and you do need to protect your information you never know who is watching. Find a great site such as, have some fun and get some great deals.

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