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The Beezid reviews show that this is another penny auction site that has enjoyed a great deal of success and growth over the last few years. Of course their smashing media saturation campaign did not hurt them see the growth that they have. Like all penny auction sites there is certainly some risk involved but a savvy consumer may realize huge savings. While some people do prefer looking at penny auctions to find deals, most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.

beezid reviews - beezid scamPenny auction sites really took off a few years back when there were a few here and there and the word got out that penny auctions allowed consumers to walk away with high end electronics for pennies on the dollar. The sudden surge in popularity drove the hand full of sites up to 500 plus in less than three years.

The Beezid reviews show this penny auction site has long been the reigning company to compete with. An estimated 2000 new users sign up every week. This is a dependable company that delivers what it claims to deliver.

What Makes The Go To Site? is really the go to site for many people that participate in the penny auction sites because it is a well-established site that is easy to use and registration is not only free but you can receive anywhere between 10-30 free bids for signing up depending on the current special that is being ran.

Many penny auction sites offer ZERO free bids. The cost of the bids (which you buy before you are able to bet ) are 55 cents to 90 cents per bid depending on the size of the bid pack you purchase which is the industry average. Of course the fact that this Canadian based company has been around for awhile and provides clear concise contact information is also a good reason for their customer loyalty.


If you are new to the penny auction scene Beezid is a great place to start. It offers special auctions for newbies and is an easy to use site. The free bids are also a nice way to get in the game without losing much.

This site is also a good bet if you are an experienced bidder. The challenge is there if you are interested in it and if you have become a seasoned player and really enjoy the entertainment part of shopping. This is an all around great place to spend some time if you are interested in participating in penny auctions. Its free to join, easy to use and you get those free bids to start out with. The reliability is there thanks to their long standing success in the industry.
Overall, the reviews show this to be a legit site and not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding a good deal online.

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