Reviews Reviews – Is Dealdash a Scam?

The review shows this is a penny auction site founded in 2009. Now in regular time 2009 does not seem that long ago but in cyber time a company like this created in 2009 is a pretty long standing company in this industry. While there are deals to be had at just about any legit penny auction site, most people still prefer to use a service like for finding great deals online.

About Penny Auctions

Dealdash review scamLike all penny auction sites to participate in the auction you have to purchase bids and use those bids to place your bid. At dealdash, the bids are sixty cents each which is on the low end of the industry median. Bids throughout the industry typically range from forty cents to over a dollar so it is one of the least expensive sites of its kind.

How It Works

Dealdash works like all the penny auction sites work. You register, than purchase a bid pack than start bidding. At dealdash any bids that you use during an auction that you lose can be applied to purchasing the item outright at as a buy it now option. The review shows that you have up to 7 days to make the choice to buy the item and use your lost bids towards the purchase of the item. This is a nice feature. Bids are only worth one cent at auction but the full sixty cents can be applied toward the purchase of the item that you lost at auction.

The Site

The Dealdash review shows that this site is easy to use and according to their “about” page Dealdash is committed to providing a company that you can trust. They bring in independent auditors to check their bidding records periodically and post the report.

The Catch

There is a short video on the “how does it work page?” which confused me a little bit because it states if you win the auction all you have to do is go to “my dashboard” and pay for the winning item and it will be shipped. Well I thought your bids were your payment?

According to the “how does it work page?” : “Just navigate to “My dashboard” and “Won auctions” to pay for your win.
Pay for the final auction price, and we will ship your item for free within 10 days.” That statement is a source of confusion for me and why does it take 10 day to ship your item?

I could not find an answer to either one of those questions. I read through the testimonials and there was an Ipad that was won for $11.09 which is an exceptional deal but I wonder if that is the final bid amount or if that is the true amount at the 60 cents per bid that was paid. If it was the 60 cent per bid than Janice from Indiana really got an exceptional deal and she only bid 17.48 times. If of course it is the bid amount at one cent per bid than she bid 1,109 times which is a little crazy and of course which means she paid a lot more than $11.09. Either way Dealdash made a bag full of money. Well played dealdash well played.

Other Issues

I like free stuff. I like to register and get some free stuff when I do in this case free bids would be nice. There are sites that do offer free bids when you register. Dealdash should step up their game and give people an incentive to join like free bids.
Overall, the Dealdash reviews show this to be a legit site and not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.