Reviews Reviews – Is Skoreit a Scam?

The reviews shows that this is a penny auction site that just made an important, impressive announcement. They have joined forces with This is excellent news for skoreit members. Beezid is one of the largest and best known penny auction sites. While there are deals to be had at just about any legit penny auction site, a more popular choice is using a service like for finding deals online.

Member of

skoreit reviews skoreit scamBasically what will happen if you are a member of skoreit you can move all your bids over to Beezid. You do not lose your current bids. On the down side of things you will have to relearn some things. Skoreit will no longer be a penny auction bidding site when you go the skoreit homepage you are met with the announcement that skoreit and Beezid have combined forces but what really has happened is that Beezid has acquired skoreit and all its membership.

Don’t be sad! You will not have to take any heroic steps to move your account over all you will have to do is to log into your skoreit account (assuming you have one) and your information will transfer over.

If You Had Plans of Joining Skoreit

You can not join skoreit anymore but you can join Beezid at any time which is a legit site and not a scam. However if you are someone looking for a deal online, you may want to end up using a service like as many people are reporting great deals.